Praha 2


  Karluv Most (Charles Bridge) with Hradcany in the background.  Karluv Most is a walking bridge and was to have been partly closed for renovations this year, but the State didn't find the money to do so.

  On the Bridge.

  Postcard photo.

  See the clock on the church closest to the camera?

  The Staromestsky Orloj (clock) every hour passes the time with a cavalcade of figurines that appear in the two doors just opening on top.  The process is begun by the skeleton on the right of the top clock who pulls the chain in his right hand (right bones?) and then pulls it again for each chime.  I guess the passing of time towards eventual death.  Delightful thought.


  Loved the yellows, reds and greens of the buildings.


  Concerts are held often twice daily in most of the churches.  Mozart is very popular.


  This one is for Russell Ferrier who advises the Lituary Cafe is NOT to be missed.  Directions have to be obtained from an old bookshop near Vaclavske Namesti, and then you have to follow a teeny little alley till you get to these doors (easier now that there is a sign painted outside Russell).  That is if you don't want to take the entrance that goes through the back of an art gallery.  The clientele are all very bohemian artists etc.  Coffee is good, skip the pain aux raisons though.

  Met Karel while in Praha.  His English was limited, much better than my Czech/Russian/German but we managed.  A great guy.


  Street market behind Vaclavske Namesti.


  Crossing the Vlata River to the park above the city.  You can rollerblade, ride, walk or run all the way to Hradcany.


  Pretty cool park.


  Just behind you here is a huge red steel metronome.  Never found out what it was for other than I think it has something to do with the rebirth of the nation under Prime Minister Vaclav Havel following the Velvet Revolution.


  Understated little coffee house in the park.


  Karel again.

  Looking up towards the Castle with the Czech flag flying.

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