Visited Praha (Prague) on a whim in April 2002.  Everything that you have heard about this blockbuster of a city is true.  The medieval architecture, the sumptuous palaces, the very friendly people, the relaxed ambiance and the relatively low cost. 
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This is what I remember when I think of Prague.

  Inside of said church.  Bloody hell, what must the rest be like?!

  The entrance of Prazsky Hrad (Prague Castle) in an area high on the western side of the Vltava River, called Hradcany.  The castle complex has been continuously built, changed, added to since the 800's.  It used to be the palace of the Hapsburgs when Czech Republic was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and is now the site of Government.  The spires belong to St Vitus Cathedral.


  Inside St Vitus.


  A very awe inspiring church.


  Loved the gargoyles and the stone spires.  Very few broken or incomplete despite their age.


  A series of gardens spill down the sides of the Castle to the river, finishing in this area of Mala Strana.  Great rooftops, huh?


  The centre of the city is on the eastern side of the river, called Stare Mesto (Old Town).  The main square in Stare Mesto is Vaclavske Namesti (pronounced Vaslovsky) or Wencesles Place/Square.  (By the way, there are lots of ' ` v's on top of the letters in Czech language that I am omitting, and they affect the way you pronounce the letters.  C can be pronounced in a myriad of ways.)  Almost forgot to mention that the Disney towers belong to Tyn Church, just behind the square.


  Magnificent scenery.





  It's hard to stop taking photos, everything is so magnificent.

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