Paris 2006

Was back in France again this year for holidays, took Sam and Mark (who did a fabulous job being the architect on my house), and met up with Russell Ferrier and Gonzalo from BsAs, Anton Scott (now living in London) and many others, some old friends, some new.  The pics tell the stories.

  Our opening day, cooooold as the clouds tell.  Mark, Sam, Anton and Darren.

  Louvre on the left and a thousand wonderful things on the right.  Still cold.

  A couple of really old things in this picture, but both are still functioning after all these years.  

  Probably the best photo I took on the whole trip.  I just loved the aspect of the lights leading you into Les Invalides, the burial place of Emperor Napoleon I.  Still cold.

  Les Invalides.  It originally was a home for retired soldiers from the Napoleonic wars.

  Napoleon's tomb (minus his penis in fact, as it is supposed to be in a jar of formaldehyde somewhere).  Like the Lincoln Memorial, all his achievements are listed on the walls surrounding the sarcophagus.  Very inspiring in fact, even if you read only a little French.

  Inside St Chapelle, another inspiring building.  Started by Louis IX as a receptacle for a piece of the crown of thorns.  This is just some of the painting on the walls, including the fleur-de-lys of the Bourbon kings.

  We stayed in an hotel on the Place des Voges, this lovely area in the Marais.  The square was originally planned by Henry IV and was called the Place Royal, but was never finished according to his plan.  There are two main buildings at either end, the Pavilion de la Roi, and the Pavilion de la Reine.  We stayed on the feminine side of town.

  A self portrait of Sam and I in front of the Opera Garnier, Victor Hugo's favourite drama setting.  This was just after a hectic splurge in the Christoffle store, the silver market, and several expensive silver stores (that thankfully were closed).  We were so exhausted we had to stop in at a little (actually it was huge) wine store, and snack on some dry Iberic ham which of course doesn't taste anywhere near the way it should unless you wash it down with a French Macon chardonnay............

  OK, it was almost warm by now but with a few vinos and beers for lunch, the temperature begins not to matter.  Actually this was how we spent most lunches.  Gonzalo, moi, Russell, Mark and Anton.

Go to Cannes 2006  After Paris we went to the South of France, stayed again at La Campanette, the same house I rented last year near Cannes, and loved so much.

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