l'italia!  May/June 2010

Had a most wonderful holiday in various parts of Italy with some very dear friends as the following pages will show.  Idea was to do some riding (only managed 300 miles, 31,000' climbing and 32% maximum grade...), do some sightseeing and walking, do some eating/drinking, and smell the roses in this beautiful country.  Additional excitement was added when we realised that the Giro would finish in Verona the weekend we were there, so Verona was sandwiched in too.  Very pleased we did.

To quote Patty Ann, we let the holiday take us, not us make the holiday.  A very useful piece of advice when the going got tough.  If she only knew how many times we quoted that!

DSC_0384  Interior of Hotel San Anselmo in Roma.  Very cool, would definitely stay there again.

DSC00539  See what I mean about cool?  They even supply a stud for the bed.

DSC_0394  Followed the directions of our FL friends and searched out the Lazaretti bike shop in Roma.  You have to walk from Siberia to get there, but it was worth it.  Disappointingly however, bike shops in Italy are not all equal.  Many are just little holes in the wall with little gear or kit.

DSC_0400  Misty was intrigued with hair styles from the past, and from the present (read red hair!).

DSC_0404  Diana.  Or was it Eros?  David maybe, no.  Ummm....

DSC00786  Ok the cucchiaio (spoon) vs cachio story has to be told in person.  This wasn't the scene of my italian language debacle, but it did remind us of it.

DSC_0427  Misty doing her kangaroo paw impersonation while smelling the roses.

DSC_0429  Fashion shoot in our hotel.

DSC00556  Must have been the Castel Sant Angelo, couldn't have been the statue.

DSC_0714  Misty doing the uber fashion look.  As well as the heel on the bull's testicles, she also helped to support the Milanese shopping economy. 

DSC_0717  Last time I was in Milan I had a picture taken about here, so I wondered what it would be like years later.  The result is below.

it12  April 2002, almost same place.  Pigeons and bird seed sellers were unchanged.

DSC_0728  Police inspections at the entrance to the Duomo in Milan.  Non Catholics were searched.

DSC_0734  The exterior of the Duomo had been cleaned sometime since 2002, the different colour shades of the marble are lovely to see.

DSC_0737_2  An old palace of the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria (when Milan was on loan to the Austro-Hungarian Empire) was intended by her to be a place of learning for the arts, music, song and painting.  A wander through there today shows it is being held true to the original ideals.  The orchestra was practising a Handel piece and made for a relaxing interlude in our afternoon.

DSC_0759  New and old are juxtaposed in Milan everywhere.

DSC_0760  The Gates of Peace at the bottom of Corso Sempione in Milan.

DSC_0762  So I thought the shoes just had an 'M' symbol.  Trust Clint to find these!

DSC00787  Red, red and red.

DSC00799  How many cities had trams years ago, and got rid of them only to now want them back?  Milan fortunately kept theirs and they were a joy to ride.  Even going the wrong way late at night.  I thought they were built in 1881 (as that was the date on the front).  Then I saw another that was 'built' in 1848, and then 1902.  Oops.

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