Italy 2002

I returned to Florence again this year to continue my Italian language studies at The British Institute.  Stayed at my friends' apartment in Empoli, a small village close to Florence and thoroughly enjoyed 'being Italian' for two weeks!

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could you be unhappy to be in this marvellous city once again?  View from the Uffizi Gallery.  I wanted especially to see Caravaggio's Medusa, but it was still (3 years) in restoration.

The Arno.

of Santa Croce.  Games of medieval 'soccer' are played in this square in summer, dirt
field is laid, and no holes barred.  Bit like the palio in Sienna.

  Cool dude!

  Unlike last year, had some rainy/cloudy days this year.  But the magic remains as you can see.

  One day
I was doing some homework sitting beside a bridge when thew clouds parted and I
managed to capture the moment.

  A view
of the Royal Walk, the enclosed walkway from what was the Medici home (now the
Palazzo Vecchio) to the Pitti Palace.  You can book to do the walk, if you book 3
months ahead.

  A ceiling
in the Galleria dei Uffizi.

  A tribute to some of the
people who made Florence great.  The poet and writer, Dante.

  And the first great
statesman, Macchiavelli.  Contrary to modern reputation, he was not an evil
personage, just a man who used logic to conquer his opponents.

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