Italy 2002/2

And so to continue our little pictorial journey................

  The architect builder of the dome on top of the Duomo, Brunelleschi.  He also invented many of the machines that were used to haul the stones to the roof.  It remains the largest unsupported dome in any church in the world.

  And this is what he is staring at from his frozen pose.

  You could look at this for ages and still see something new each time you blink.

  A wet and windy night in Florence.

  And now to Punta Ala with my friends, the Bocinis.  Punta Ala (meaning wing tip) is a resort on the Tuscan coast.

  Loriano and Cinzia (happy I think because the children were going out - piece and quiet!)

  Two brawny men, well trying anyway.

  Only a few miles to go to reach Elba.  Keep rowing Edoardo.

And just another one of that wonderful sunburst, a lucky photo.

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