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Now that the house is finished, I am enjoying learning about my new neighbours.  I don't have a gator pic yet, but it won't be long.  Spring is mating season, and you can hear their bark everywhere, so there will soon be little ones everywhere.  New shoes anyone?

  However this is how I often like to wind down after a long day, sitting out by the pool, using this piece of modern diagnostic equipment to assess the marsh.

  Early morning mist over the marsh, really lovely.  I don't feel like going to work sometimes when looking at this.

  This neighbour was trying to lay eggs but the ground was too hard to dig.  Next day of course I was out there loosening the soil, so now I am hoping for a return visit and then little tortoises soon too.  Soup anyone?

  And this hawkish neighbour would love the meet the kits.  For dinner I am sure!    

  The house as it currently looks.  This was spring, so the plants are a big bigger now.  Weeds too!

  Ready for summer, just need some warmer weather than the 23F we had last week!

  Another pool view.

  Did add some colour though, little bit of Asia added to Portuguese country theme..........

  Even the front gates are up!  They are ~120 years old from Argentina, and the master blacksmith who worked on it says it is a work of art.  All pinned together, no rivets and no welds of course - they didn't have welding back then. 

  Arty one, with full moon rising lower left. 

  The entry area (with some of my Christmas decorations still up).  And Mark's famous hallway leading into the house.  

  Looking across the dining room to the wine cave at the end, kitchen on right, and Great Room on the left.  

  The very amazing and unique Sydney totems by Jenny Orchard.  We built the space specifically so they could be accented between the dining room and the great room.

  Also finished!  I didn't get the back wall quite right, it is supposed to be an infused red up to the ceiling so I will have to try some different lights.  The a/c for the wine cave sounds like a jet taking off, didn't get that right either!  

  Hope you all like primrose yellow, because here it is!  But one needs a bright airy stage, I mean kitchen..............

  Bit dark, but this is the Great Room with the new fire screen Xmas pressie from the family - thanks, looks great, huh?  And my publicity hungry Chaka in front.

  The entry way is beautifully designed by Mark, the perfect answer that good design doesn't have to cost a lot.  Just plaster and imagination.  (PS.  But never try putting floor lights against a wall.  You see every teeny tiny imperfections.  The walls were done 4 times.)  Oh, did I mention my publicity hungry kits before?  Guess who's here again?

  The hand painted azulejos are in too!  This is the one at the front.  You can see they are all slightly different sizes, that isn't extra................

  And a final splash of colour - come and visit, you know where this is.

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