Updated 04 March 2008

Some wonderful doors I have seen around the world.  As you know, a cheap bottle of Malbec with Russell Ferrier in Buenos Aires started this thing off.  I had to build a house around some doors to get started, but now that is happening, imagine what I could with some of these others..................
Doors here from Puerto Rico.

Main doors made from Argentinean cedar.  ~80 years old.

Glass library doors, oak.  Again ~80 yrs old.

Cast iron gates, ~120 years.  From an old country house apparently.



Sorgue again

Sorgue.  Top wreath looks vaguely Napoleonic?


St Paul-de-Vence.  Carved lintels add a nice look

St Paul for short and tall people

Studly St  Paul again

St Paul modern.......

St Paul again, with piercings

Aix-en-Provence.  Very welcoming, non?


Aix.  Look at that carving on top!


More to come................sometime
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