Updated 16 December 2007

Well I have got the Christmas bug well and truly!  Went out yesterday and bought decorations galore (Home Depot was really happy to see me), put the tree up after Thanksgiving and enjoyed the annual surprise of unwrapping each ornament and finding the 'right place for each one.  Anyway, I just got so enthused I started taking photos of it all and thought you might like to 'get the mood' too.  Hope so anyway.

I will be lucky to be sharing it all with friends, Chuck and David visited from Orlando this weekend, and  Anne Fratini will be coming from Perth for Christmas.  

  Chaka, the Christmas cat...........

  Santa's Elves

  Don't you remember who gave you each ornament?  Sam and Mark are responsible for this little gem.

  I think I bought the Flapper here.  She was too fabulous to pass up.

  A theme developing here?

  I think I knew her in Sydney.

  And naturally there is a good collection of Aussie koalas, kangaroos, and flags!

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