Cannes 2006

So after Paris ravaged us, we slept on the TGV down to Cannes, and spent the next 5 days based at La Campanette, that idyllic house I stayed at last year in the hills behind Cannes.  It sleeps 12 and the owners have decided to rent it more regularly, so if you like the idea, let me know!

  This is La Campanette and La Pitchoune (actually two houses joined together).  There is a pool just beside them too.

  Just so you know we were slumming it, this is all we had for breakfast every day.  Almond croissants (from the boulangerie near the roundabout, not the one near the Super U), chocolate croissants and chocolate twists.  I think I'm hungry now.......

  So this is the south of France right?  We visited Gourdon, the perfume village un a mountain, and it snowed!  The day before June and it snowed.  If we knew who to ask for our money back, we would have.  Mind you, 3 days later it was 32C/90F and the snow was gone.

  Russell and Gonzalo whiling away the time doing emails.  This had to be after midday (since that was when Gonzalo got up).

  Acting very touristy in the glass blowing village of Biot.  Lunch there was excellent, served by guys who looked like they were from the French Rugby team.  We stayed for extra coffees................

  Me accosting Gonzalo in Valbonne.  See no snow, it was hot now.

  With friends Gloria and Gerry (right side) in Ventamiglia, just across the border from France.  Cafe creme changed to cafe late, but it was exactly the same.  As those of you know who have traveled to Europe, the coffee is to die for.

  Ventamiglia after a little shopping spree in the main street, at the markets, and anywhere else we could find.

  Back to Nice on the Saturday then, and guess what was on other than Gay Pride.  So we joined the very non international crowd and tried to not look like tourists.  Who can forget the diablo shirt, the tall blond hunka hunka, and many others.

  My arty pics, the Nice Opera.  

  And a Nice monument to someone famous, not Italian though I think.  That is actually Mark at the bottom, I was trying to get moving and still.  4/10 I think.

  Mark and Sam on our last day, in Nice before flying back to Paris and then home the next day.  The best weather of course was the day we left.  I think that is my fault as it always happens to me.

C'est tout mes amis!!!

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