DSC_0236  The Ferrier Restaurant!  Some of the wines we enjoyed over the New Year.  We discovered two things, Bonarda was the biggest volume grape variety in Argentina till very recently, not Malbec.  Varietal Bonardas are  very good.  Alamos has one for maybe $6 equivalent.  The centre two here are both from a vineyard with a wonderful name 'Fin del  Mundo', The End of the World.  And that was the second thing we discovered, blends have taken off here.  Both these are Cab Sauv/Merlot/Malbec blends, the junior (without the shield) also has Cab Franc.  Funnily enough I first had the big boy in Puerto Rico with Michelle/Quique/Sam back in Feb.  I think it was cheaper in PR than in Argentina!  A fabulous wine, to go with a fabulous name.

One of the most interesting restaurants was Casa Saltshaker.  This is a 'porta chiusa' in Italian (it must be similar in Spanish) that is run by an expat American Dan Perlman with his partner, Henry Tapia.  It is a closed door because it isn't a 'public' restaurant so to speak, it is in their home and you can only book on their website, above.  The dinners are usually 5 courses, paired with local wines, and you share one of two tables with whomever else is there. We met people from the UK, Seattle, the Carolinas etc so you get the idea.  Our night was a bit unusual in that all were English speakers, that isn't normally the case.  They change the theme each week so that makes for very diverse menus.  Dan is classically trained and writes food columns for many publications so you are in the hands of an expert chef.  Definitely try it, if you can get in.  It reminded me of the old Italian tavola caldas, were you share a small but excellent menu with people you have never met, and have a great time being pushed a bit beyond your normal boundaries.

(One of the other guests, Evan has a blog.  Our dinner, with great pics, is there.  Check it out.)

DSC_0469  Great front window in Palermo Hollywood.

DSC_0480  Taxi anyone?

DSC_0482  Get the chandelier at the back here as well as the colour palette.  A lot of the design is like this, very chic in old surrounds.  Works very well, I love it.

DSC_0484  Love this one.

DSC_0491  Lunch one day at a local parilla, we chose it because of the use of the cow hides as tablecloths.  Nothing like getting to the point.

DSC_0497  Great take off of the national meat accompaniment, chimichuri.  It is based on oregano, and then you can play with as many variations as you like.  Mine is from the cook at the parilla we had after the white water rafting.